Leaving Las Vegas, we headed west across Death Valley to Tinseltown USA, also known as

Hollywood, California

There we stayed 4 days on the Sunset Strip at the famous Hollywood Bel Age hotel. The hotel is  conveniently located not 15 Feet from Johnny depp's notorious  'Viper Club' where River Phoenix OD'd from acute heroin poisoning.  

Also steps away was the infamous Hotel Chateau Marmont where paramedics brought out a horizontal John Belushi, who'd had one too many speedballs over 20 years ago.

First full day had us enjoying Universal Studios.  Kathy's highlight was being licked lovingly on the ear by Count Dracula. We went to the Santa Monica Pier, and checked out the Star Tour Of Hollywood Homes.

Make sure you check out the video at the bottom of the page

One of the true Hollywood highlights was a pilgrimage Brad and I made to the grave of Curly Howard, our favourite member of The Three Stooges. 


Check out the Curly Howard Pilgrimage by Clicking here.

The key to any successful vacation is seeing new sights and making new friends.  Luckily we were able to achieve both of those goals when we took in a LA Dodger/SF Giant Baseball game at historic Dodger stadium.  A real squeaker, San Francisco beat the Dodgers 12-0, with steroid-filled Barry Bonds banging out 2 homers for the Giants.

To our fortune, seated in front of us were some lovely local folks that I would surmise were most probably Gangbangers, err I mean, perhaps  Members of local Los Angeles neighborhood associations.   The young lady shown adjacent was particularly refreshing.

A diehard Dodger fan, OOOOhhhhh  she had a colorful command of both the English, and Spanish languages.  I even learned a few phrases that night.  Bradley and Brettie, I can tell you,  learned a whole new vocabulary. 

In the montage below, 2 left pictures show her standard greeting to any fans not cheering for her Dodgers,

with the rightmost picture showing off a rather well placed Dodger tattoo.

Other Game Photos

A great time in hollywood was had by all

as Arnold Swarznegger says - 'We'll be back!'

Video Shot in the Heart of Hollywood from the roof of our hotel


Kathy & Brettie put their toes in the Pacific off Santa Monica pier