Having turned 65 years old last October, and mindful that I had been in Information Technology (IT) for 42 years starting at Motorola, to Kraft Foods, to Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Motorola (again) to Marconi and finally to Hendrickson, - I felt it was time to bid a Fond Farewell To: 

"The Greatest Company I Have Ever Worked For" 

I'd decided that it was time to move on and let a younger, wiser Nerd take over. I had worked for Hendrickson since 2005 and been responsible for their IT function since 2007. 

Almighty God had blessed me with the opportunity at this great Company, had blessed me with a great IT team, and especially blessed me with the leadership, friendship and camaraderie of what I was proud to proclaim: 

The Greatest Management Team Ever Assembled 

This team is headed by my boss, our CEO Gary, seated on the front fender. In my view, a man without peer in the annals of Executive Leadership. You tell me how many CEO's have flourished in their role for 15 years, through a Great Recession, A Great Pandemic, and all the other headwinds of business. That's a very, very small group.   

He built a staff, of which I was one, that was the closest, most competent group of business professionals I had been privileged to be a part of.  All of them VP’s, they are leaders of our Business’, our Regions, and our Corporate Support Fuctions. How they let me be a part of this group – remains a mystery. It was an honor to work with these guys.

So just to give you one window into this company, check this out. Remembering that we are in the midst of this Global Pandemic, I was amazed that my boss and my colleagues threw me a "Going Away Party" in mid December. 

A party that all the staff attended, a party where people who hadn’t traveled in months due to Covid – flew to our HQ in Woodridge to be part of.  They are all in the photo upper left - including Andrew from Australia, courtesy of PhotoShop.

Held in our Product Showroom, the Party commenced with a catered dinner and an open bar from 6 pm til midnight.   We had dinner as a team, told stories and made speeches, many of which recorded by Matt V, one of or Divisional VP's.  Thanks for that.   

Most of the Speeches were significantly embellished - as I knew better than most who they were talking about.  When it was my turn to talk, I looked back at a career, that I didn't earn - but had been divinely blessed to receive.   I couldn't help but think of my Dad - who would have been so proud of this night.  

I thanked my friends and told them that I felt like a long dead RaceHorse named "Special Honor".  This horse ran last in the Kentucky Derby of 1978 - the year my career began.  I said I felt this way because it was an Honor to be associated with them - and that I was proud to run with this team - even if I ran last.

I received some really nice gifts - including an autographed, limited print of a painting of the Rolling Stones by their guitarist Ronnie Wood. Absolutely Spectacular.  Perry had brought me a box of World Famous Heggy's nuts from Canton, Ohio.  Rence, on behalf of his Sales Team, gave me a beautiful Travel Bag, along with a Plastic Horse emblazoned with "Maybe This Is The Next Great One"    


Later we played some Golf at the 2 simulators that we have at the HQ - reminisced, drank (Diet Coke for me) and just had a great time.

This is the Company I work for

Hendrickson is a company owned by The Boler Family - more on them later in Part II.

So for now, thanks to all, especially our peerless admin Shelly, for making all the arrangements for this night that I will remember forever. 

Thanks to Gary and all the staff for everything


Thanks be to God for blessing me with Hendrickson